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You Need Traffic

Every business needs traffic. After all, if nobody visits your store or calls you, then you cannot deliver the goods & services you provide.


It seems pretty simple.

In the “old days,” businesses would advertise in the Yellow Pages and newspapers. Then it became inserts in the junk mail and newspapers. Those things still work.

But what works even better for most businesses nowadays is advertising of another sort: Online advertising.

Specifically, advertising using Facebook, Google, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram, among others.

By far, the best ad platform that exists today is Facebook (and Instagram, owned by and integrated with Facebook).

Of course, advertising isn't the only way to go to get more people in your shop or store or calling you on the phone.

You can get a healthy amount of traffic through what guys like us in the industry call “Local SEO,” or search engine optimization for local businesses.

We could also call it “Local SEM,” short for local search engine management.

Either way, we're using the web to get your business seen by more people as they use the internet on their personal computers, tablets, and smartphones.

SoMoLo Marketing can help you drive traffic to your business through BOTH means: Organic (Local SEO) and Inorganic (paid advertising).

SoMoLo Marketing Can Drive Traffic to Your Business

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