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Using Facebook Plugins to Bring More Attention to Your Business


There are a variety of social plugins you can use to boost engagement on your Facebook business page

Many small business owners know how to use Facebook from a personal standpoint, but they have very limited knowledge about how to use it to grow their businesses.

With all of its tools and features, Facebook can be a very powerful digital platform for marketing your brand.

If you’re new to Facebook marketing, or are struggling to make your business page work for you, you may not understand all of the options available to you.

Facebook Plugins

Something that is grossly underused–but has the potential to be amazing–is the wide variety of social plugins that can bring more attention to your business page.

Here are a few Facebook plugins that you definitely want to consider:

  • Like Button – placing a Like Button on your website makes it easy for your visitors to share content from your website with all of their Facebook friends. When someone “Likes” your page, it automatically shows up on their profiles for all of their connections to see.
  • Like Box – this box allows you to promote your page by embedding a feed from your Facebook page into your website. You can customize the look and feel of your Like Box, as well as the content of your box based on your goals.
  • Share Button – similar to the Like Button, the Share button allows people to add a personal message before sharing your content on their timeline or Facebook group. It also allows them to share it with specific people via a Facebook Message.
  • Comment Plugin – when placed on your site, this plugin allows people to comment on your content using their Facebook profile. These comments will be shown in their news feed where their friends can also see it.
  • Recommendations Feed – this plugin displays the “most recommended” content on your website based on the actions of your fans, such as “Likes.”

So as you can see, these Facebook plugins can help your business get a lot more exposure without any additional work on your part. They point people to your Facebook page and streamline the process of getting more eyes on your business.

The number one goal of engagement on Facebook is making it extremely easy and fun for visitors to comment, like, and share.

Ultimately, these plugins provide a quick and simple approach to advertising through referral online traffic, which is extremely valuable.

As the top social networking platform online today, Facebook has taken measures to ensure that business owners have all of the tools they need to take their marketing efforts to new levels.

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