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Local Business Marketing 101

local business marketing

Dentists need local business marketing, too

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Below is a presentation I put together for my Internet Marketing Mastermind meetup. In it, I describe the 3 things a local business must do in order to be successful with their online marketing.

Those 3 things a local business must do:

  1. Get on Google Maps
  2. Get referrals, through reviews (lots of them), citations (other websites with your NAP in them), and customer word-of-mouth.
  3. Drive traffic to your offers

It's really that easy. YOU, as the local business  owner/operator do what you do (whether it's cleaning carpets, doing dentistry, or selling garden supplies) and leave the online marketing to professionals who know how to do it well without mucking anything up.

And there's lots to muck up. I've seen it all.

It boils down into putting together a solid strategy, with an actionable plan.

But before you do anything, you ought to know where you stand today.

And you start by getting your free local business marketing report card (link is in the presentation at the end, or here, if you're in a hurry).