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Why Online Marketing Is a Solid Investment Today

Online marketing is vital to building any kind of business

Online marketing is vital to building any kind of business

Online marketing, also known as “e-marketing,” “digital marketing,” and “internet marketing,” as well as other terms translates into “marketing your goods and/or services online.”

There’s no disputing that it is a valuable tool when it comes to bringing business owners and consumers together. However, as a business owner, you may be wondering if it is truly worth the investment.

(Hint: It is. No doubt about it.) Read on…

Online Marketing is Effective

The sole purpose of successful online marketing is to utilize a campaign strategy that maximizes your return on investment (ROI). ROI is a measure of the difference between profits and costs (and you have to consider risk, too).

However, just having a website does not work any more. It never did, actually.

Whether your business is an e-commerce company or a traditional brick and mortar business, with the right visibility and exposure, you can generate more online traffic, increasing sales and (hopefully) profit.

Online marketing costs much less in comparison to most other marketing strategies. Remember the Yellow Pages? TV and radio spots? Billboards? Newspaper ads?

You can literally put up a website in a day for less than $100. And that covers the whole year. Try doing that with a YP ad!

Moreover, online marketing allows you to target your efforts all the way down to specific demographics, which no other type of advertising or marketing can accomplish.

For example, with Facebook advertising, you can target single women with children within 25 miles of your shop. Try doing that with another form of advertising.

Online marketing also allows consumers to research and purchase your products and services at their own leisure, which is appealing to most consumers.

This is what we call “pull” (versus “push”).

Having a solid online presence allows them to do just that – putting them one step closer to doing business with you.

Digital marketing is easy to measure

If you want statistics, online marketing lets you measure them very easily. Practically all elements of an online marketing campaign can be traced and tested in some form, including:

  • Email Open Rates and Conversion Rates
  • Website Traffic and Activity
  • Social Traffic and Activity
  • Video Views and Activity
  • PPC (Pay Per Click) Results
  • …and much more

Web analytics are also useful in being able to track the exposure, response, and overall effectiveness of online marketing by collecting, analyzing, and reporting back internet data.

Advertisers can determine the best ROI. Tracking and assessing can be accomplished immediately since most tracking tools can be easily setup and ready to go in just minutes.

Internet marketing is more than just advertising

There are a number of steps you can take in order to successfully market your business online, from optimizing your website’s copy for search engines and potential buyers to writing an e-newsletter and/or a blog.

Online marketing is a collaboration of elements that produce a successful web-based advertising strategy or campaign. Recognizing the tools needed and making the most of them demands a huge amount of skill, expertise, and practice.

Consistency is the key.

The work that is put in eventually determines the level of accomplishment that will be achieved.