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Get On The Map

You know how when you type in or talk to your smart phone a business name? And how awesomely Google gives you the result you're looking for right away, almost with nary an error?

That's because that business is on the map. Google Maps, that is.

Here's an example that I got when I talked to Google on my smartphone:

local business marketing - business listing

A local listing on Google

It is absolutely critical that your local business is listed on Google Maps.

Not only does it have to be listed, it has to be listed accurately.

You can do this yourself, of course. And FREE.

It does take time to fill out your business profile as fully as possible.

Or we can do it for you. Your choice.

It's called Google My Business.

Now, once you submit your business' information to Google My Business, you will have to verify its existence. What generally happens is that Google will send a postcard to your business address with a confirmation code that you then enter into your Google My Business listing.

Once you're verified, you should be on Google Maps.

However, you will only be found in Google's Search results (they are separate but intertwined with Google Maps) if you meet several conditions:

  1. Your business needs to be in Google My Business.
  2. Your business has to be in as many online directories as feasible.
  3. Your business' website needs to be ranked fairly high in Google's search engine for the keywords you are aiming for (e.g., if you're a pizza joint, “pizza” is probably your primary keyword). The higher the better.

Furthermore, your business' services (or products) will only appear in Google search results if you do well in all of the above.

Here's an example of what I got when I talked to Google using my smartphone:

local listing for pizza

You must do a lot of things right to get listed in Google's search

What does that mean? You need to make sure your business is not only in Google My Business but also optimized as fully as possible. You need to be listed in plenty of online directories. And your site needs to rank well in Google's search.

Complicated, yes.

Of course, we can manage all of this for you.

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