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Guest Posting Opportunity

Welcome - we'd love you to guest post for us!

Got a great idea you'd like to share? Guest post for us and get some great traffic.

While we here at SoMoLo Marketing love to be guest bloggers on other people's sites (it gets us great referral traffic from relevant authority sites), we know other businesses in our space could use some help from us.

That's why we want people to guest post for us!

(Plus, while we love creating our own content, client work is what we really like doing, so we'd love some of your help in the content marketing arena!)

If you have an article or two (or ten!) that you think would be a good fit for this site, fill in the form below, telling us your idea.

If we accept your proposal, send us a document in Word format (yes, Open Office works). We reserve the right to edit the document or outright reject it once we get it, just so you know.

In return, we will post a link within the guest post back to your site – it can be to your home page or another page within your site.

We will also promote the hell out of it so that more eyeballs see your content on our site – and you get the benefit of that link back to your site (so make it really really good).

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